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Universal Love (Ludum Dare 30 - 2014)
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Spread the love throughout te cosmos!

... or maybe just send some missiles and blast your neighbour!

In Universal Love you control a planet inside a solar system, where others planets like yours coexist. You can either send them love, which will boost up their vitality or you can crush them with missiles in order to destroy them.

But be careful, because they can do the same thing to you!

You need to receive love to grow stronger. The higher your health gauge goes the more love/missiles you will be able to send.

Other planets will react to your actions, if you love them they will probably love you back and if you attack them they will surely retaliate, so you have to plan your strategy carefully in order to achieve the stage goal.

- Controls -

LEFT/RIGHT KEYS - choose attack/love and target.

SPACE KEY- confirm selection.

ESC KEY - cancel selection.