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Golem (Ludum Dare 36 (unfinished) - 2016)
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This is an unfinished submission to Ludum Dare 36 (which had "Ancient technology" as theme). In Golem you control a small kid that falls into a cave while looking for treasure in the woods. Inside the cave the boy would find remains of an ancient civilization that once used massive robotic statues as workers. These golems where left behing when the civilization fell, and some of them are still usable and working.

The core mechanics of the game would have been built around the ability of the player to dig out sand blocks and climb on vines while needing to use the powerful but big and slow golem to destroy big walls, cross dangerous zones and fighting enemies.

- Controls -

Left/right arrows - Movement

A - Jump

S - Dig / Punch (while inside golem)

D - Get on/off golem